Filter Dryers


HEINKEL is an established industrial manufacturer of horizontal, vertical and inverting filter centrifuges, pressure Nutsche Filter-Dryers and vacuum pan agitated drying systems, as well as conical “Nauta-type” mixers and conical vacuum dryers. Centrifugation, a process whereby high-G force is used in effecting separation of a solid from a liquid, is HEINKEL’s expertise. HEINKEL also combines two or more of the solid-liquid separation equipment that are used downstream of a pharmaceutical or biochemical reactor, for the centrifugation of the crystalline or amorphous solid particles from the liquid, so as to produce a very dry cake. For critical pharmaceutical production, HEINKEL can also integrate active or passive isolation devices with the filtering and drying, so as to process the slurry to a dry powder and discharge in a safe, fully contained manner. To find out more, click on the links above, or call 856-467-3399.

HEINKEL Service Department

The HEINKEL after-sales department not only works on HEINKEL brand equipment, but also offers complete service, spare parts, repairs, mechanical and control upgrades retrofits, refurbishment, filter media and service contracts on many other brands of centrifuges, dryers and mixers. A full line of used and refurbished filtering equipment and more are available. In addition, HEINKEL also has industrial centrifugation and filtration equipment for sale. Please contact the HEINKEL Service Department to discuss any of these services. As one of the leading manufacturers of centrifuges, we will answer any questions you may have!