Operational Principal

HEINKEL's Inverting Filter Centrifuge with exclusive PAC (Pressure-Added-Centrifugation) System provides dry product. The HEINKEL centrifuge with PAC provides moisture levels lower than other filter systems. The initial mechanical dewatering step is highly effective based upon the centrifugal force of up to 2000g’s. Subsequent dewatering is accomplished by pressurization to remove the remaining liquid from the cake. Moisture levels as low as 0.008% have been achieved depending upon the products.

PAC Increases Profitability

  • Higher Capacities and Shorter Cycles
  • Downstream Dryer Elimination or Reduction in Size
  • Lower Energy Costs
  • Higher Yield

The HEINKEL Inverting Filter Centrifuge overcomes the limitations of conventional centrifugal dewatering while providing easier processing of difficult to filter products.









HEINKEL Inverting Filter Centrifuge

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