COMBER filter plate with welded multilayer filter element and many innovative features

Filter-dryer with multilayer
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During POWTECH 2016 COMBER is presenting modern filter dryers with Pressofiltro® filter plates. As one of the leading manufacturers of (nutsche) filters, filter dryers, paddle dryers and pan dryers for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries COMBER is offering a variety of different multilayer filter plates - according to individual material requirements and permeability.

The Pressofiltro®  filter plates can be covered with conventional filter cloth materials or can consist of metallic sintered multilayer woven.The filter plates are interchangeable and installed to the filter bottom via 2 or 4 bolts from below. At POWTECH exhibition COMBER is showing a filter plate with welded multilayer filter element. It is featured due to a completely level, homogenous, easy to clean and inspectable filter surface without any screw heads or other fixing materials.

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