HEINKEL dip coating centrifuge

The HEINKEL vertical dip coating centrifuge V 450 TT Ex delivers perfect results when lacquering and coating small parts with solvent-based coating agents. It perfectly centrifuges excess coating agents and is also simple to install. There are lots of small parts which are perfect for dip coating, particularly washers, springs, spring rings, eyelets, hooks, rings, brackets, screws, steel nails, cable clips, rivets, buckles, buttons, press-studs, hair slides, small furniture fittings, zip sliders, and many more. 

Lacquering process for even coating

Afbeelding: Dip coating 2 600x600

The HEINKEL vertical dip coating centrifuge V 450 TT Ex consists of a process housing which holds the lacquer container and centrifuge basket. The bottom casing section of the machine houses the drive motor as well as the pneumatic lifting and lowering mechanism for the lacquer container. The lacquering process starts with the lacquer container being filled with the required coating agent. The parts to be treated are placed in the centrifuge basket which is then placed on the basket shaft. Once the machine has been started, the lacquer container is lifted so that the parts in the sieve bowl are coated. They remain there for a while until the lacquer container is lowered and the spinning process is started. The variable spinning time guarantees even coating. Then the centrifuge basket containing the "sticky-to-the-touch" parts can be removed. 

Optional features for effective production process

The vertical dip coating centrifuge V 450 TT Ex can also be equipped with an automatic locking and unlocking system for the centrifuge lid using clamping elements, a pull switch for the start of centrifugation or a centrifuge basket in titanium grade 2 which reduces the weight by around 6.5 kg. Furthermore, the vertical dip coating centrifuge can, if so required, be equipped with a handling device for changing the centrifuge basket, a process housing with air vents and/or an EasyToClean coating to reduce dirt pick-up. With an optional hand-held scanner in the control cabinet, programs for the non-hazardous sector can be entered automatically using a QR code. If required, the program memory for 100 formulas facilitates operation with different parts and coating agents, and ensures an efficient production process.