HEINKEL group invests in service quality

Afbeelding: Servicemeeting 2013

Ongoing optimization of service quality was the subject of a two-day meeting for all service employees of the group of companies. To guarantee a high service quality, continuous adjustments and further improvements are necessary. “The ideal service world” was the motto for the meeting of employees and technicians of the After Sales Service of BOLZ, COMBER and HEINKEL which took place in June in the Black Forest. 

The agenda of the two-day meeting for more than 35 employees included transfer of know-how, exchange of experience and an outdoor event in the evening. The entire event was judged very positively by the employees and also by the managing director Thomas G. Kleiner: “Once again this event gives new impulses for our customer service, leads to an exchange of experience and enhances team spirit and cooperation.” 

Additionally some more events for sales and management took place in June which ensure innovation and cooperation within the HEINKEL DRYING AND SEPARATION GROUP. A generally positive outcome can be drawn for the first half of 2013.