System Components

We use our years of experience as an expert partner to provide you with tailor-made system components, ideal for your specific application.

Containment systems

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Containment systems (isolators, also glove boxes) allow for protected taking of samples, discharging of products, packaging the products in cladded barrels or other containers, the discharge of residual heel for a full product yield as well as filter cloth disposal whilst fully protecting the operating staff whereby at the same time a contamination of the product is avoided.

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Ball segment valve

Afbeelding: HEINKEL Ball segment valve

The Ball Segment Valve, BSV for short, is the result of an development of a innovative valve for pharmaceutical and fine chemical processes. For a wide range of solids applications, it is the preferred valve for process equipment like vacuum driers, reactors or centrifuges as both as inlet and discharge valve.

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Drive systems

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We supply quickly exchangeable components such as transmissions and swivel arms adhering to current regulations, e.g. ATEX, CE, SIL and cGMP, as replacements or for re-equipping your machines (also suitable for other makes).

Working platforms

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Ever-tighter safety regulations and extensive assembly times of a suitable working platform increase the complexity of service work on conical process vessels. For such requirements we have designed an intelligent solution: the customer-specific, modular working platforms for conical process vessels, such as reactors, orbital arm and screw dryers and conical mixers are secure, fast and easy to install.

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Multilayer filterplates

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The multilayer filter plates are supplied according to material requirements and permeability:

  • fabric (cotton, polypropylene, etc.)
  • insert filter elements made from metal
  • sintered plates
  • multi-layered plates, sintered
  • sterile configuration, filter elements are secured from below

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Mixing screws

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We supply mixing screws for all conical mixers and dryers (also suitable for machines from other manufacturers) made from regular stainless steel and special materials, such as Hastelloy or titanium, in a variety of states, e.g. raw, polished or electropolished. 

We supply these mixing screws as replacements or for re-equipping existing machines.


Dust filters

Afbeelding: dust filters

We supply dust filters for dryers, mixers, and reactors adhering to FDA and cGMP. These are supplied as complete filter cartridges or filter hoses made from polyamide and metallic fabric in a cylindrical shape, with an anti-static feature and PFE-membrane. Available as a cartridge, element, hose or sack.

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